Communication Studies and Rhetoric Certificate

Communication Studies and Rhetoric provides students with an excellent way to learn about foundational rhetorical theories and germane communication studies research and theory.
Degree Type Certificate
Delivery Online

Certificate Overview:

This 12-credit online graduate professional development certificate provides you with an excellent way to learn about foundational, rhetorical theories and useful communication studies research and theory. By achieving the learning objectives outlined below, you will not only earn a valuable credential but also take your workplace practice to the next level. Baccalaureate holders with degrees outside of communication studies, English or professional communication will find this certificate to be a useful way to credential themselves in communication, a valuable competency in any workplace.

  • Recognize the basic principles and elements of rhetoric.
  • Comprehend the intersection of interpersonal and organizational communication research as it applies to one’s professional life.
  • Communicate the proper vocabulary and critical tools for constructing, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating texts and designs.
  • Evaluate interpersonal communication patterns in an organizational context.
  • Interpret current events and contemporary understandings of what writing, oral communication, and human interaction are and do using rhetorical theory.
  • Identify and apply appropriate ethical behavior to various interpersonal and organizational contexts.
  • Evaluate the impact of rhetoric upon current styles and organizational techniques of oral presentation, electronic communication, graphic design and page layout, and Internet publishing.
  • Construct texts, designs, and communication that effectively demonstrate a strong connection between the moral component of persuasion and effective communication.
  • Plan, execute and investigate the effectiveness of a visually oriented communication design project.
  • Evaluate and conduct interpersonal and organizational research.

Required Courses:

UW-Stout offers "professional development certificate" programs in addition to its traditional majors and minors to meet the needs of those who wish to obtain additional knowledge and skills needed for personal growth and professional advancement.

While not a substitute for a degree or diploma, the certificate is an alternative credential for individuals seeking to obtain new knowledge and skills or to update their knowledge and skills in a specific area. Typically, a certificate is earned by completing a set of limited, well-defined learning outcomes focused on new or emerging processes or new knowledge and principles applied to practical problems or issues.

Students may enroll in the certificates as a stand-alone program or in addition to their undergraduate [U] or graduate [G] major. Undergraduate students are ineligible for graduate-level [G] certificate programs.

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