Summer STEAM Experience Q and A's for Parents and Legal Guardians

Summer STEAM Experience
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What is the total cost of camp and what does that include?

The cost for one week of summer STEAM experience at UW-Stout is $450.00. This includes four nights in the campus dorms, and all meals from Sunday evening to Thursday afternoon. The fee includes all camp activities, supplies, and instructor time.

The cost for one week of summer STEAM experience day camp is $300.00 and this includes 24 hours of classroom instruction, which includes supplies and instructor time. There will be some extra  activities and the lunch meal.

How do I know if my child's school is paying for campers?

Scholarships are available through the generosity of the following school districts:

Eau Claire Area School District
All ECASD (Eau Claire Area School District) scholarships have been awarded for 2018.

School District of Menomonie Area
Campers receive a $300.00 scholarship to attend the Summer STEAM Experience camp. Your final cost for your SDMA student to attend the full camp is $150.00, and to attend day camp is $0. Please enter the code of SDMA and hit apply when checking out.

What should they pack?

Campers will need clothes for overnight and five days of classroom and outdoor activities. Close toed shoes are required for the Ropes Course. Swimming suits, athletic clothes are recommended but not required. Campers are welcome to bring cell phones, devices, laptops, etc. However, classroom activities will utilize campus computers.

When is camper drop-off and pickup?

Campers should arrive and check into the dorms from 1:30pm to 2:30pm on Sunday, June 17th. Camp will start at approximately 3:00 pm. Pick-up will follow the summer STEAM experience Showcase on Thursday afternoon, June 21st in Micheel's Hall.  Families are encouraged to attend the Showcase from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. Check-out of the Dorms is 5:30pm.

What is the protocol in case of emergency or injury?

Safety Procedures


Minor headaches, stomach pain, cramps, and cuts should be reported to the student’s counselor right away. First-aid kits will be available and will be administered by the staff. Camp staff is not allowed to give students any medication, unless authorized by the student’s parent, guardian, or medical personnel. Over-the-counter medication can be provided by a nurse or a medical professional, if necessary.

If the health condition is severe enough to warrant immediate medical attention, the Head Counselor and/or the Program Director(s) should take the student to the nearest emergency hospital and notify the parent/guardians immediately. Program Director(s) will hold all emergency medical forms and health insurance information on hand at all times, in case of such emergencies.

Car Accident

During the camp, if there should be a car accident, call 911, record and exchange car insurance policy numbers, names, phone numbers, and license plate numbers with the other party involved in the accident.

All accidents are to be reported to the Program Director and/or Head Counselor. Parents/guardians will be notified of all accidents/incidences that require professional assistance

Are there arrangements for my child's food allergy

Yes, the UW-Stout Dining Center can accommodate most dietary restrictions and requests. Please note that during the registration process under "Dietary Restrictions and Preferences".

Where will they stay and will they have roomates?

All campers and camp counselors will stay in a residence hall on UW-Stout's main campus. Campers can have one roommate request, or will be assigned a roommate of the same gender and age.

What kind of activities will be outside of the classroom?

Camp activities will include but are not limited to:  UW-Stout's Adventure course, capture the flag, scavenger hunts, free time and open recreation time, movie night, board game night and more!

What kind of supervision will my child have?

Dedicated, enthusiastic, and experienced UW-Stout students will serve as camp counselors and be assigned to teams of 10 campers. Counselors will be responsible for their team at all times as well as classroom instruction.  UW-Stout faculty will be on hand to assist Stout students with instruction and outside of classroom activities.

What if I need to reach my child?

Summer STEAM Experience Camp counselors will have a cellphone accessible at all times. This number will be provided to parents/legal guardians at camper check-in. Students are allowed to bring and use their personal cellphones during evening free time.

What should my child expect & what will they walk away with?

Camp instructors and counselors have designed specific tracks for campers to focus on throughout their week:

Campers should expect an intense but fun week of programming, both in and out of the classroom.  Campers will feature their completed work at the Showcase on Thursday afternoon (June 21st in Micheel's Hall, second floor) and take home their projects. 

Will they be spending time off campus?

All activities and classroom instruction will be held on the campus of UW-Stout. 

What if my child does not want to stay overnight?

The 2018 summer STEAM experience camp is also a day camp for those who do not want to stay overnight. The fee for the day camper is $300.00 and the fee for a camper is $450.00.

Disciplinary Policies

The camp reserves the right, upon notification of parents/legal guardians, to dismiss any camper during any session for improper conduct, language, dress or attitude which, in the judgment of the summer STEAM experience camp administrative and counseling staff, is detrimental to the well-being of other campers or smooth operation of the camp.