Summer STEAM Experience

For boys and girls entering grades 8 - 12 in fall 2019 who are interested in exploring career paths at UW-Stout.
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Summer STEAM Experience Camp

Summer STEAM Experience (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) is a collaboration of Art & Design and STEM featured in one week, June 16-20, 2019. Campers are able to choose from multiple tracks. Students entering grades 8 to 12 are invited to explore career paths with UW-Stout faculty experts while engaging in science, technology, engineering, art and math in a hands-on setting. Camp activities and career panels will provide well-rounded experiences to highlight the possibilities of creative and critical thinking.


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Track Offerings and Instructors

Plastics- Engineering The Infinite World of Plastics: Materials, Molds and Processing - Track Leader: Wei Zheng

Learn about the chemical make-up of plastics. With plastics surrounding us in our everyday lives, there are so many different kinds. By testing the various kinds and learning about their processing, you’ll determine what can be done with them. Depending on the type of plastic, many can be recycled to make new plastic materials.

Construction Management IconWood is Good - Track Leader: Jerry Johnson

Campers will explore the utility of wood and its properties while learning all about the various species and what makes them different and valuable. They will develop skills in processing techniques and finishing, while creating and building wood products.

Studio ArtClassical Drawing Techniques and 'Zine Making - Track Leader: Tamara Brantmeier

In the mornings, students will create 'zines, and the afternoons will be spent learning and practicing historic observational drawing techniques. Drawing is the foundation of creating ideas, and all participants can learn to see and draw like the old masters did. Zines have a long history, from science fiction 'fan-zines' of the 1930's, to riot grrl and punk rock 'zines of the 1990's. We will create 'zines that share a personal story - a self portrait narrative. 

Film Design3D Animation - Track Leader: Jesse Woodward

To infinity…and beyond! Campers will produce 3D animations using the same software that is currently being used at Disney Animation Studios.  After learning the basics of the software, we will jump right into animating.  We will explore professional techniques and follow the 12 principles of animation to produce believable and fun animations!  By the end, the campers will have worked together to produce an animated short film that will be featured online.

Board Game IconBoard Game Workshop - Track Leader: Jay Little

Tabletop games have never been more popular. Join award-winning game designer Jay Little for interactive, hands-on activities that teach key design concepts and show how board games are designed and developed -- then campers use that knowledge to create their very own board games using our prototype lab!

Studio ArtSculpture Design - Track Leader: Molly Uravitch

Throughout time people have gone to great lengths to alter, decorate, adorn and modify their bodies with fantastical extensions that conceal, distort, transform or celebrate the human form. In this class you will learn a variety of construction methods and work with multiple materials to create a wearable sculpture that interacts with your body. This “Body Extension,” could emulate an animal, plant, architectural structure, high fashion and more.

3D Printing Icon3D Printing & Jewelry - Track Leader: Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro

Have you heard about or dabbled with 3D printing, and want to make jewelry? Campers will learn the basic foundations of metalworking, 3D modeling, and 3D scanning to create unique, handcrafted adornment with the aid of 3D printing. From rings to bracelets, and necklaces to brooches, each camper will have the opportunity to see how digital fabrication tools are used in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Industrial Design IconIndustrial Design - Track Leader: Jennifer Astwood

Have you ever dreamed up an idea for a form and wanted to make something functional? We will be creating and making designs from shoes to candles this summer! For Design Camp, you'll be introduced to the design process through research, sketching, making forms, and making molds of your forms. You will be able to leave camp with renderings of shoes to actual chocolates, soaps, and candles that you created!

Manufacturing AutomationTechnology Engineering - Track Leaders: Paul Craig and David Ding

This track will focus on the technologies used in future manufacturing such as robotics, automatic inspection and Internet of Things. Campers will learn hands-on skills and have the opportunity to practice with Fanuc Robots and other automation equipment!

Video Game DesignVideo Game Design -Track Leader: Joshua Seaver

Level up your skills and get started on realizing the game of your dreams! Learn the end-to-end process of creating video games and the many skills needed to bring them to life using the same techniques and tools as the pros. Begin the week exploring the foundation of game creation—planning the fun—by sketching levels and character designs. Proceed to building a game through adding art, animation, programming logic and sound effects. At week’s end, playtest the fun with your class, family and friends to get your game ready for all to the world to play!

Computer Science Icon3D Modeling in Maya: Robot Design - Track Leader: Nathan Clark

Robots are people too! Well, not really, but animators and video game artists have been giving robots personality for years. In this class we will model, texture, and render memorable, believable robots in 3D space using the same programs used by Pixar and Blizzard Entertainment. We will start with concept sketching and character design, then move quickly into learning how to model and texture your own unique character. By the end of this class you will have an animated friendly character and be able to model almost anything in Maya!

Technology Education IconBecoming a Teacher in a STEAM Field - Track Leader: Todd Hayden

Have you ever heard the statement, “if you can read this, thank a teacher?”   It could go one step further:  “If you are interested in STEAM, thank a STEAM teacher!”  If you: (1) like one or more STEAM subjects, (2) want to make a difference in the lives of others, and/or (3) want to be part “of where it all begins,” then this is the track for you!  Campers will develop leadership skills, prepare for college, and explore teaching careers.  By the end of this interactive and inspiring class, you will have learned a great deal about yourself and possible career pathways.  

Interior DesignInterior Design - Track Leader: Shelley Pecha

Learn what real interior designers do! Campers will design a living space for their favorite celebrity. While designing this space, you will learn about project programming, the design process, space planning, and how to create a color palette. You will learn about and choose finishes and furniture for your celebrity space. You will hand render your floor plans, compose imagery boards and create a full presentation for your creation. We will also show current student work and interior design projects from around the world.

Human Anatomy ExplorationHuman Anatomy Exploration - Track Leader: Alexandra Hall

Have you ever wondered what your body is made of, and how all of its parts fit together?  In this track, campers will get an inside look at human anatomy, from cells (including their own!), to tissues, to organs, to the entire body.  Students will learn microscopy and staining techniques, use UW Stout’s extensive collection of histology samples and anatomical models, and even work with specimens and cadavers from our Cadaver Lab Facility.  Join Dr. Alexandra Hall, a Biology Lecturer and Physician, for this fascinating exploration into what we are made of!

2019 Summer STEAM Experience

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