Summer STEAM Experience

For boys and girls entering grades 8 - 12 in fall 2018 who are interested in exploring career paths at UW-Stout.
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Summer STEAM Experience is a collaboration of Art & Design Camp and STEM Camp featured in one week, June 17-21, 2018. Campers are able to choose from multiple tracks. Students entering grades 8 to 12 are invited to explore career paths with UW-Stout faculty experts while engaging in science, technology, engineering, art and math in a hands-on setting. Camp activities and career panels will provide well-rounded experiences to highlight the possibilities of creative and critical thinking.

Scholarships are available through the generosity of the following school districts:

Eau Claire Area School District
All available ECASD (Eau Claire Area School District) scholarships have been awarded for 2018.

School District of Menomonie Area
Campers receive a $300.00 scholarship to attend the Summer STEAM Experience camp. Your final cost for your SDMA student to attend the full camp is $150.00, and to attend day camp is $0. Please enter the code of SDMA and hit apply when checking out.


Campers can choose from the following tracks:

Interior Design - Track Leader: Shelley Pecha (This track is full)
Learn what real interior designers do! Campers will design a living space for their favorite celebrity. While designing this space, you will learn about project programming, the design process, space planning, and how to create a color palette. You will learn about and choose finishes and furniture for your celebrity space. You will hand render your floor plans, compose imagery boards and create a full presentation for your creation. We will also show current student work and interior design projects from around the world.

Studio Art: Drawing and Mixed Media Collage - Track Leader: Tamara Brantmeier (This track is full)
Campers will learn and practice observational drawing techniques that all design and studio art majors need. Students will also explore mixed media collage techniques using a variety of art media to create illustrative artworks.

Video Game Design -Track Leader: Joshua Seaver (This track is full)
Level up your skills and get started on realizing the game of your dreams! Learn the end-to-end process of creating video games and the many skills needed to bring them to life using the same techniques and tools as the pros. Begin the week exploring the foundation of game creation—planning the fun—by sketching levels and character designs. Proceed to building a game through adding art, animation, programming logic and sound effects. At week’s end, test the fun with your team then publish to the web for all to the world to play!

3D Animation - Track Leader: Jesse Woodward
To infinity…and beyond! Campers will produce 3D animations using the same software that is currently being used at Disney Animation Studios. After learning the basics of the software, we will jump right into animating. We will explore professional techniques and follow the 12 principles of animation to produce believable and fun animations! By the end, the campers will have worked together to produce an animated short film that will be featured online.

Graphic Design Sampling - Track Leader: Katie Lupton
Come develop a logo from idea to a finalized mark! We will dip into the vast world of graphic design and see how printmaking is closely linked. We will talk about symbols, typography, color, image-creating software, branding and some printmaking techniques. By the end of the week, you will have developed a logo and simple brand identity and applied it to paper goods, vinyl cuts and fabric.

3D Printing & Jewelry - Track Leader: Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro
Have you heard about or dabbled with 3D printing, and want to make jewelry? Campers will learn the basic foundations of metalworking, 3D modeling, and 3D scanning to create unique, handcrafted adornment with the aid of 3D printing. From rings to bracelets, and necklaces to brooches, each camper will have the opportunity to see how digital fabrication tools are used in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Digital Filmmaking -Track Leader: Cyndi Greening
Make a short film in one short week! Students will learn how to use the tools of dramatic storytelling: cinematography, sound recording, sound music, nonlinear editing, acting, and story structure to create their own short film. Several short projects will be created the first two days to build the students’ skill with the tools and explore their cinematic style. The goal at the end of the workshop is for students to create a short film suitable for festival competition. Appropriate examples of short films from festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, and Toronto will be viewed. Equipment Note: Some digital video cameras will be provided. If campers have their own digital video cameras or a smartphone that shoots in HD (with the ability to transfer to computer), it may be used for the course

Industrial Design - Track Leader: Jennifer Astwood
Have you ever dreamed up an idea for a form and wanted to make something functional? We will be making candles this summer! For Summer Steam Experience Camp you'll be introduced to the design process through brainstorming, sketching, making forms and making molds of your forms. You will be able to leave camp with candles that you created!

Intercultural Leadership - Track Leader: Leni Marshall
Games, collaborations, field trips, videos, and guest speakers expand students’ intercultural perspectives in this program. Dynamic, curious students cultivate their unique styles for leadership in diverse, global communities. Students increase their self-awareness, identify their beliefs and values, then use those principles to guide their actions. The head meets the heart as meaningful encounters across differences empower students to see themselves as effective leaders, fostering relationships, consensus, maturity, and success. The curriculum recognizes and supports the participation of students from indigenous communities. A mindful integration of values and behavior facilitates the journey from connection to transformation

Building and Launching Rockets - Track Leader: Mike Cropp
Study how rockets work and what it takes to make one! With understanding the chemistry and physics behind launching a rocket, campers with be immersed in a lab setting where they will work to build their rocket, both in theory and with parts they create using the FAB-LAB. 

Manufacturing and Practical Math - Track Leaders: Rob Heller and Amanda Larson
Build your very own folding stool using practical math and manufacturing! Campers will use practical math to discover production costs, create bill of materials, implement the use of jigs and fixtures, and much more. Explore the principals of manufacturing in small groups of campers, while using math skills that will benefit campers in school and beyond! Following completion of this project campers will have used creativity, practical math, and worked in small groups to create their take-home folding stool.

Forensic Detectives - Track Leaders: Josiah Ray and Tiffany Hoage

If you are fascinated by forensics, this camp is for you. We will be documenting, collecting, and analyzing evidence from a mock crime scene, such as blood, hair, fibers, and fingerprints. You will have the opportunity to learn how to blood type, conduct PCR and gel electrophoresis, use microscopes and micropipettes, and more. As your final project, you will get to summarize the evidence for a mock court case.