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Helping Northwestern Wisconsin manufacturers thrive through positive growth and sustainable profit.
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For more than two decades UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center (MOC) has been working alongside small and mid-size manufacturers like you, leveraging our industry experience, tech savvy, and teamwork to improve your process, grow your business, enrich your people, and develop your product.

Whether we meet at UW-Stout or come right to your site, MOC will be at your side with reliable, informed answers and customized solutions to get the job done.

Manufacturing Outreach Center

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We're proud of the significant impacts and financial gains our clients see - often before the project is even closed. When you partner with UW-Stout MOC, the return on your investment is rapid and substantial. See what our clients say about the value of working with UW-Stout MOC.

One company at a time.

Your manufacturing operation is one of a kind, so why settle for cookie cutter solutions to the challenges you face? Throughout 33 northwestern Wisconsin counties, we roll up our sleeves to deliver services tailored to your specific circumstances. From process improvement to strategic direction, workforce training to tech implementation and so much more, we have what it takes to navigate your singular path to success.


Let's get to work...

Process Improvement

  Improve Your Process

   Strategic methods to smooth workflow, reduce production time and cost,
   improve quality, and much more.

Our process improvement strategies brought significant results for:
Schofield Enterprises  |  Thomas Precision  |  Nyhus Enterprises  |  Dillman Equipment

How do we do it?
With Process Improvement Opportunities that really work.


Business Growth

  Grow Your Business

   Expert guidance and tools to help you navigate each stage of your
   company's growth.

Our growth strategies are ready to move your company forward, just like:
Badger Mining  |  Coating Tech Slot Dies  |  Malco Products  |  Spectrum Industries 

How do we do it?
By offering extraordinary Learning Opportunities for Business Growth.


People Enrichment

  Enrich Your People

   Resources and learning opportunities to empower your workforce.

Our people enrichment offerings are already working for: 
Volm Companies  |  Dental Crafters

How do we do it?
Through People Enrichment Opportunities that truly unlock potential.


Product Development

  Develop Your Product

   Experienced guidance and resources for creators, innovators,
   visionaries, and inventors.

Product development help from UW-Stout MOC made the difference at: 
Malco Products  |  Tomahawk Live Trap 

How do we do it?
With Product Development Opportunities that embrace innovation.


...we now have a better perspective of our projects. MOC has done more than we could've asked for.
Eric Nyhus Owner, Nyhus Enterprises


NIST logoUniversity of Wisconsin-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center is the official representative of the MEP National Network™ and NIST MEP in Wisconsin.

The MEP National Network™ is a unique public-private partnership that delivers comprehensive, proven solutions to U.S. manufacturers, fueling growth and advancing U.S. manufacturing.

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