Short Term & Guest Parking

Everyone who parks on the UW-Stout campus must be authorized by permit, pay station payment or meter payment.
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Hours of regulation are posted at the entrance to each university lot.  Any university parking area without posted hours of regulation is regulated 24 hours, every day.  To purchase a permit stop into Parking Services - office hours M-F 7:45 a.m. - 4:25 p.m.

Short term, pay by the hour, parking can be purchased at any of our six pay stations on campus.  Event attendees and other guests can also pay for parking, or validate their pre-arranged parking, at any of the pay stations.

Metered short term parking is available in Lot 5 (between South Hall and Price Commons), Lot 21 (across from Wigen Hall, near the Health Services Building) and behind AFM (Antrim, Froggatt, McCalmont Hall).

Free, timed, short term parking is available in Lot 3 near Fleming Hall and in Lot 7 in front of JTC.

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Pay Station Information

UW-Stout has six new pay stations on campus.  They will operate at $1/hr., and will accept cash or credit card.  Be aware that no refunds or change are given at the pay station.

To properly park, using a pay station:

  1. Park with your license plate visible to the drive lane
  2. Remember your license plate number
  3. Approach the nearest pay station and follow the instructions printed on the pay station and the prompts on the screen
  4. Enjoy your time on campus, no need to display a receipt on your dash.

You may use the extend by phone option if you pay by credit card.  This option allows you to enter your cell number at the pay station.  The pay station will send you a text when your time is about to expire and allow an opportunity to extend your parking time simply by replying with the number of additional minutes you need.  Your card will be processed at the end of your parking time.

Pay Station Locations and Regulations:

Look for these signs
Pay Station Location Signage

Lot 14:  Pay station located in the middle of the lot near the west entrance to Sorensen Hall. 

  • A short term section is marked by sign in the center median.  This is a 1hr maximum stay.
  • Pay by the hour rates apply to any other un signed space in the lot.  Max. 9hrs.

Lot 18:  Two pay stations located on the west side of the drive lane near the Jarvis Hall Science Wing.

  • Pay by the hour in designated zone only, marked by signage.  Max. 9hrs.
  • All other spaces in lot 18 require an annual commuter or A-zone permit.

Lot 27:  Pay station located on the north side of the entrance off Broadway Street near the General Services Building

  • Pay by the hour or by coupon code at any unsigned space.  Max. 9hrs.

Lot 29:  One pay station near the east entrance to Johnson Filed House and one across 13th Ave near Applied Arts.

  • Pay by the hour or by coupon code at any unsigned space.  Max. 9hrs.

Pay Station Locations



Department Guests

Guests are defined as a person who is invited to visit the campus or take part in a function organized by the campus.  This does NOT include faculty/staff in paid status or students who are signed up for classes and paying tuition.

Parking Services encourages every university affiliated person to provide their guest with valid parking prior to that guest's arrival.  This holds true for individual visitors, meetings, or large conferences.  Information and permit request form are found at:  Permit request form

If you are attending a meeting or event, the event organizers should have reserved parking prior to the event and provided parking information in their literature/publicity. If you're unsure about where to park, contact your event's organizer for that information. If an event organizer has not reserved campus parking, you must pay at a pay station or park in a legal space on a city street.

Overnight Visitor Parking

It is especially important for residence hall guests to obtain a permit because they're usually staying overnight and cannot park overnight on many City streets.

The UW-Stout student should obtain pertinent parking information and guide their guest on valid parking prior to that guest's arrival.  A guest cannot park in a university lot prior to authorization.

Weekends:  Residence hall parking lots (except Reserved spaces/Lots) do not require special authorization from 1 PM Friday through 9 PM Sunday.  If your guests arrival and departure is within that time period they may park without payment.

Day visits only:  When a guest is not staying overnight they may park in lots 27 or 29 (pay at a pay station); or a legal City street space rather than purchase a permit to park in a university parking lot.

Overnight visits: Prior to 4:30 p.m. - purchase parking at the Parking Office.  After 5 p.m. - purchase parking at a pay station: for main campus go to the pay station near the Applied Arts Building for authorization for lot 34 and for north campus go to the pay station near Sorensen Hall for authorization for lot 22.

To Inquire About Your Meetings Parking

If you're attending a meeting, conference, or event on the UW-Stout campus you are required to obtain authorization to park for an assigned lot.  The meeting sponsor is responsible for providing you with said authorization and instructions about parking.  Ultimately, the driver is responsible for parking legally.  If you have not received instructions regarding parking you may either follow up with the meeting sponsor to elicit that information, pay a meter or park on a city street adjacent to campus.