New Students

Parking on the UW-Stout campus requires display of a valid permit throughout the year unless that requirement is waived by the Parking Office.
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Permits should be purchased and displayed before parking.

Online permit registration begins July 9, 2019.  For permit options go to Types and Costs.  Then Log-on to the Parking Portal.

Yearly permit cost is $240 for those who live in campus housing (overnight parking) (there are also reserved options at a higher cost) and $150 for those who live off campus (day parking only).  Permit prices are prorated monthly throughout the permit year which is August 15 to August 14. You must be signed up for classes and have your housing assignment (if living in a residence hall) prior to purchasing a permit.

For more information please consult the New Student FAQs.

Commuter Parking Basics

All campus parking is regulated throughout the year.

Regulation means that a vehicle must be authorized to park on campus legally.

Authorization is by valid permit, paid meter, or compliance with posted time limit, where applicable.

This means that, where ever a vehicle is parked, it must either display a valid permit, purchase time at a meter, or honor a posted time limit.

Any area that is not specifically identified as a parking space/lot/area, is never considered a legal parking space.

Reserved parking spaces are typically identified by special signage and are restricted to authorized vehicles only.  Examples of reserved parking spaces are A-zone spaces, Disabled spaces, Physical Plant spaces, X permit spaces, NC permit spaces and Service areas.

Purchasing a Commuter Permit

  • Permit Application
  • A Commuter permit is valid for the entire school year, including the summer session.
  • Commuter permits may be purchased from Parking Portal. You will have the option to have your permit mailed to the address of your choice or pick it up in the Parking Services Office.
  • A valid permit is required throughout the year.  There is no grace period at the beginning of the semester.  Students are strongly encouraged to arrange for purchase of a permit prior to arriving on campus.
  • If you have not purchased your permit before the beginning of the semester, go to the Parking Portal to purchase your permit.  You must park in either a metered space or on a City street until you have a valid permit.

Commuter Lot Locations

A commuter permit is valid in parking lots (Lot 1, 10, 14, 18, 20, 24, 27, 29, 30, 34) near academic buildings.  Although a permit is valid in almost all center campus parking lots, it is not valid in every space in these lots.  Consult the parking maps before parking.

Valid Parking Spaces

  • A valid parking space is within the striped stall markings in a paved lot or head in against a bumper block in a gravel lot.  Any area that isn't striped or that doesn't have a bumper block in front of it is not a legal parking space.
  • Campus, "C" permits are only valid in standard parking spaces.  Standard spaces are not signed.  Any space that is signed is reserved for another permit and a "C" permit is not valid there.

Hours of Regulation

  • Commuter parking spaces are regulated from 7 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.
  • Overnight, 2 AM - 7 AM, parking is prohibited in commuter lots.
  • Commuter lots do not require the display of a permit in a standard space during the evening hours or on weekend days.
  • Commuter lots are regulated throughout the year.  Parking regulation is not suspended during non-class periods.

Disabled Parking

  • Students with a physical disability are eligible to purchase a disabled parking permit.
  • Students with a disability, either permanent or temporary, should contact Parking Services to obtain accessible parking.
  • A UW-Stout disabled permit is required to park in a university lot.  The state disabled permit is not sufficient.
  • UW-Stout disabled permits are valid in both signed, disabled spaces and any standard commuter space.

Overnight Parking for Commuters

Regular commuter lots do not permit overnight parking.  Commuter permit holders who need to park overnight may check with Parking Services for alternatives.

Other Commuter Parking Options

Although a UW-Stout commuter permit offers, by far, the best parking options, there are other options available.

  • Metered parking, in both university lots and on Menomonie City streets.  Meter term and rate vary from lot to lot and from university meter to City meter so take care to read the information printed on the meter.
  • Caution:  It is illegal to park at a meter that will not accept payment.  If you park at a meter and it will not register time, you must move to another meter that will register time.
  • City Street Parking is an option on streets adjacent to campus.  Take care to read the posted parking regulation signs and adhere to local ordinances with respect to legal distance from fire hydrants, driveways, and intersections.

Summer Commuter Parking

  • Parking is regulated during the summer and requires the display of a permit.  Summer permits are available to purchase by going into the Parking Office after the first week in May.  If you had already purchased the year permit it is valid thru August 15 (check the expiration date on your permit).