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Whether this is your first year in college, your first year at Stout, or you've been here before, the University Housing Residence Hall Handbook serves as a resource for you to best understand residence hall living.  You'll find general information along with up-to-date content about:

  • Procedures and Services
  • Room Accommodations
  • University Housing Code of Conduct
  • Residence Hall Policies
  • Dean of Students Office and UWS Chapter 17
  • Residence Hall Damage and Cost List

Residence Hall Handbook

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Updates for 2018-2019 Academic Year

Updates that occur to the handbook throughout the academic year can be found here.  New handbooks will be published electronically with the most updated content in August prior to each academic year.

UPDATE, 9/1/2019 | Fire Safety - Refrigerator, microwaves, and cooking

All student rooms are provided with a refrigerator and microwave.  Students are also allowed to bring an additional refrigerator for personal use.  Additional refrigerators must not exceed 3.2 cubic feet and must be Energy Star certified.

UPDATE, 9/10/2018 | Mail and Packages

Mailings that are not University business must be processed through regular mail services with paid postage.

UPDATE, 8/21/2018 | Fire Safety - Appliances

Modern electric pressure cookers (Instant Pot, MultiPot, etc.) are allowed on campus for use in kitchen areas only.  After use, the pressure cooker must be cleaned and fully cooled before being stored in a student’s room.