Housing Information for Current Students

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Information most relevant to current students is on StoutCloud, UW-Stout's internal information network. Once you become a Blue Devil, if you can't find what you need on the website, search for information, documents, and forms via StoutCloud. You may also find important Housing information in the Residence Hall Handbook and the Housing Gateway.

Information in these resources will include cable TV channel listings, front desk hours and equipment rental, DVD listings, residence hall policies and procedures, and other important forms!


University Housing StoutCloud

On StoutCloud, you'll find the room change process, TV channels, front desk supplies, contact information, and more.

Residence Hall Handbook

In the Handbook, you'll find hall services and policies, conduct information, room accommodations, and more.

Housing Gateway

In the Gateway, you'll sign contracts, select or change rooms, request a bike locker or air conditioner, and more