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Discovery Center is University of Wisconsin-Stout's primary outreach and engagement organization. We are a vibrant group of skilled problem solvers, gifted learners, and action-oriented colleagues working together to overcome hurdles you face in process improvement, product development, business growth, continuing education, culture development, applied research, and much more.

Captain Jeff Dykes of the Eau Claire, Wis., Fire Department recently teamed with UW-Stout Discovery Center to develop and market his new product, the Northern Star compass.

How can Discovery Center innovate success
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Manage my event.

The thought of having to work out all the details and arrangements for a successful program can be overwhelming. Let the experience of UW-Stout Professional Education save you hours of work and lots of headaches! Learn more. >

Develop my product.

Taking your product idea from concept to reality can be daunting, especially if you're unfamiliar with research protocols, cost analyses, manufacturing issues, legalities, commercialization, etc. Let Discovery Center help. Learn more. >

Enhance my professional skillset.

Empower yourself as a lifelong learner! Register today for UW-Stout Professional Education business training, adult educational programs, conferences, workshops, and more. Learn more. >

Increase my sales.

Where are your new markets? What could your new products and messages be? Let UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center provide the innovative  tools and expertise to spark your company's growth. Learn more. >

Reduce my costs.

Reduce working capital costs, eliminate waste, promote operational improvements, and increase your customer satisfaction rate with guidance from the experts at UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center. Learn more. >

Job-Ready Workforce

Discovery Center strengthens Wisconsin's learning environment to launch job-ready employees. See how we did it in 2018.

Discovery Center 2018 Impact

Discovery Center collaboration resulted in clients' sales, cost savings, and investments totaling approx. $147M.
UW-Stout MOC
Furthering Food Safety Workshop

Discovery Center 2018 Impact

Discovery Center served approximately 3,559 participants in continuing education and special events.
Professional Ed

Discovery Center 2018 Impact

We facilitated more than 193 projects engaging students, faculty, researchers, and community.
I wish we would've done this years ago! ...people are very involved and the culture is changing.
Michael Hunter Chief Operating Officer, Volm Companies

Engage my employees.

UW-Stout Discovery Center is ready to help you achieve personal and professional development goals for your staff and yourself. Check out our skill building seminars, customized training, leadership offerings, and more. Learn more. >

Research my unique challenge.

Have a business or manufacturing challenge that's not easily defined? Let us know. >

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Summer STEAM Experience camp also open for middle school students

A University of Wisconsin-Stout Summer STEAM Experience camp will welcome younger students this year for day camps.

Cardinal LG Amery applying "trim-free" technology - boosts quality, productivity and workforce.

Cardinal LG Production Planning Manager Barb Goodlet asked UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center (MOC) to help the company identify sources of defects.

Retired instructor receives honorary doctorate at commencement exercises

University of Wisconsin-Stout awarded an honorary doctorate degree to a former instructor during commencement ceremonies Saturday, Dec. 15.