UW-Stout Student Artist-in-Residence Application

UW-Stout Artist-in-Residence
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This Student Artist-in-Residence program provides the applicant with the opportunity to explore the relationship of art and technology. In applying for the grant, the student should have a strong sense of direction for the project. Students must submit a portfolio, supporting materials, recommendations and a statement to inform the selection committee of experience or background that prepares them for this program.

Each year two UW-Stout students are selected by the Artist-in-Residence Committee. Recipients will have one or more mentors, however this is very independent and requires a great deal of personal discipline. This grant is a wonderful opportunity to explore new avenues of thought and application that relate to art and technology. This grant is available to students in any major at UW-Stout.

Applications are due by April 3, 2018


Artist Darren Tesar - 'Whether You Stumble or Stride

Whether You Stumble or Stride

Darren Tesar
Artist Michelle Fischer - 'Suess Series #1'

Suess Series #1

Michelle Fischer
Artist Leni Griggs - 'The Age of Copper'

The Age of Copper

Leni Griggs