eStout Laptop Program

The eStout Program is the digital learning environment at UW-Stout which offers students a variety of opportunities to be successful in achieving their academic goals.
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UW-Stout Spring 2020 eStout Laptop Deployment
Location: Technology Help Desk, 109 Sorensen Hall

  • Re-Entry and current students needing to pickup a laptop can do so as early as Thursday, January 23rd, 8:00a to 3:30p.
  • New students are scheduled to pick up a laptop as part of their orientation on Friday, January 24th.  Re-Entry and current students may pick up a laptop on this day, but longer wait times may occur.
  • Laptop deployment continues for students still needing to pickup a laptop on Monday, January 27th, 8:00a to 6:00p or the following weekdays 8:00a to 3:30p.

All student are required to have a student ID card.  If you do not have a student ID card, contact or visit the Campus Card Office, 715-232-3686, 110 Price Commons to obtain one before you come for a laptop.

The eStout Advantage

This program supports UW-Stout's digital learning environment and ensures that both eligible students and faculty have a standard set of tools — hardware and software — to meet a majority of their wireless computing needs, thus creating a wireless laptop campus environment.

The eStout Program is more than just a laptop! Students receive:

  • Program specific laptop (see hardware and software specs)
  • Backpack
  • Software
  • Wireless and wired connectivity on campus
  • Digital Course Material
  • Training, service, and support
  • Network storage
  • E-mail
  • Multimedia classrooms
Eligible Students

Students are eligible for the eStout program if they are paying eStout tuition and fees as either:

  • an undergraduate, degree-seeking student enrolled for one (1) or more undergraduate credits, or
  • an undergraduate, non-degree-seeking student registered for three (3) or more undergraduate credits.


Students are not eligible for the eStout program if they are:

  • paying customized instruction (CI) tuition rates,
  • enrolled in the Early College Credit Program
  • paying graduate tuition rates,
  • enrolled only in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses.
Laptop Deployment Requirements
  • A student ID is required. No other form of identification will be accepted. If you do not have a student ID card, please contact the Campus Card office.
  • You yourself must be present to sign for and receive a laptop. Laptops cannot be shipped.
  • If your registration changes prior to laptop deployment, your eligibility may be affected. If your schedule changes before traveling to UW-Stout, please email Joan Wahl to verify your continued eligibility.

eStout program introductory that presents the laptop program, laptop responsibility, services, and support.


Keep a laptop after graduation! No additional cost!