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ExporTech™ Program Information

What happens at ExporTech™?
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The ExporTech™ system has several hallmarks:

  1. The process assists companies to develop a simple, actionable international growth plan – based on a series of carefully designed tools and templates.

  2. Participants are connected with a wide range of reputable international business experts who help them navigate the export process.

  3. The program involves a unique combination of group work, individual work and personal coaching that allows companies to extract information that is critical to their export success:

  4. During group sessions, experts are selected based on the specific needs of the participants, to educate the entire group and provide one-on-one consultations.

  5. Planning exercises and peer discussions are employed to help executives apply knowledge to their own companies.

  6. In the final group session, each company’s plan will be reviewed and vetted by a panel of experienced international businesspeople, to help them avoid costly mistakes and see new opportunities.

  7. Each company is assigned an experienced coach to provide focused, one-on-one support in the development and execution of their plans.

  8. Each three-session program is limited to six to eight companies, to ensure quality, personalized service and attention to each company.

What Is Required?

Companies participate in three one-day group sessions scheduled over a three-month period. In between, each company works on the development and implementation of their international growth plan, with the support of a coach.