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Engineering and Technology Department

We strive to provide the best hands-on engineering and technology education in the country.
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We strive to provide the best engineering and technology education in the country.  By modeling the true polytechnic university education, the department serves numerous programs in providing hands-on, minds-on education.  Through intensive lab-based experiences and applied undergraduate project-based research opportunities, the theoretical science of engineering processes and design is developed for the professionals in manufacturing engineering, computer engineering, plastics engineering, engineering technology, packaging, and technology education, as well as other supported programs.


Engineering programs:

  • B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
  • B.S. in Plastics Engineering
  • B.S. in Computer Engineering
  • M.S. in Manufacturing Engineering

Engineering technology programs:

  • B.S. in Engineering Technology
  • B.S. in Packaging