Class Projects

A number of courses offered by the MSCS Department require students to complete a group project.
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A number of courses offered by the MSCS Department require students to complete a group project.  Here are a few examples of these courses and projects:

CS-343: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics 

In this course, students complete a final graphics project.

CS-458: Advances Software Engineering

In this course, the entire class works on a client based project. In recent years, the class has worked with Lockheed-Martin and Thomson Reuters.

Mathematical Models I & II was a senior level capstone sequence for Applied Mathematics and Computer Science majors at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  The course sequence is not currently offered due to  changes to the program.  

Students worked in groups on independent research projects, which were presented to the department during a fall and spring models colloquium held at the end of each semester. As part of their capstone experience the students also produce write-ups of their projects which have been assembled here. Most (but not all) of the projects deal with some aspect of mathematical modeling. An important objective of the course was to have students be able to integrate their knowledge acquired in undergraduate courses with some real-world applications of mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Since these projects are by the students, they appear in an unedited form. Each represents an effort to delve into the research literature about some topic of interest chosen by the students themselves and to construct an understanding of that topic along with a rendering of it in terms accessible to their peers. No claims to originality are made although the projects often reflect a creative synthesis of the existing research. The students were advised to carefully cite all references for each source they used and any oversights may be regarded as unintentional.

Math Models Projects

The projects can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Powerpoint.

Note: Due to the size of some of the files, it may be easier to download them first before viewing.

To view a project using Adobe Acrobat Reader click on [view pdf]

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Spring 2004
    Title Author
PPT PDF Spooky Action at a Distance James Hardwick, Peter Johnson, Denise Nagel, Natalia Parshina, Josh Robertson, Andy Styve
PPT PDF Hashing Out Random Graphs Nick Jones, Jon Kroenig, Sean Porter, Andy Schieber, Erik Weyers
PPT PDF Alice and Bob's Excellent Adventure Jacquie Otto, Adam Serdar, Paul Weiss, Lacie Zimmerman
PPT PDF Some Groups of Mathematical Crystallography Dave Bauer, Chris Bouzek, Adam Cloues, Bill Stein, Britt Wooldridge, Mang Yang
PPT PDF Conditionality and Stopping Times in Probability Dickens Nyabuti, Mark Osegard, Megan Silberhorn, Ben Speidel
PPT PDF A Probabilistic View of Vieta's Formula Mark Osegard